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Location: Situated in Nantou Country's Yuchih Township. From the map, we can see that Sun Moon lake located at the centre of the Taiwan, and it's the largest lake in the Island.

Thao Tribe: Smallest aborigines tribe in Taiwan, which takes Sun Moon lake as their home.

Lalu Island: A small island located in the Sun Moon lake. Used to be much bigger, separating the lake into a shape like crescent moon and a round sun on the other side.

Picture Gallery

Entrance to Sun Moon Lake

What a nice cloudy day

Boat which takes you around the lake

"On the way we go~"

The centre of the lake


Path of Syuenguang Temple

Isn't this beautiful?

Tourist attraction: place to snap photos

Tourist attraction: famous herbal egg sold by a local granny

Found some dragonflies flew around the skies?

The story of Thao Tribe

Wen Wu Temple


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