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Location: North cost of Taiwan, town of Wanli between Taipei and Keelung

Why does Yehliu called Yehliu?
During the early days, the locals relied their rice suppliers from the inner land. During the transportation of the rice to the locals, some of them used sharp-end bamboo to stick the rice sack and leave a hole on it, so that the rice may slip out and then picked up by the locals. As result from the local deeds, the traders often said "the rice stolen by the savages". ~Steal are pronounced similar to "Yeh" and savage pronounced similar to "Liu" in Taiwanese.~ (

Picture Gallery

The Entrance

The way to toward the end of the cape

Mushroom Rocks (Hoodoo Rocks)

Tourist Favourite - The Queen's Head

Tourist Favourite - Princess's Head

Tourist Favourite - Fairy Shoe

Sea candles

Two hand in Punch Mode

Ginger stone or S*** stone? With a chicken drumstick

~:Wonderful Scenery:~

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