Saturday, March 12, 2016

Macau 2016

In this blog, I would like to record down my 1 day 1 night travel to Macau. Although the duration I stayed is very short, I find it quite interesting and much better travel experience from the past (FYI, this is my second time to Macau, first time at year 2010.

Day 1 - 27 February 2016

I arrived to Macau at 10.30am in the morning. A friend of mine, which reach Macau 1 day earlier, came to greet us and bring us to the hotel he stayed. Without delaying our schedule, he checked out and we head on to have our early lunch.

For our lunch, we went to a simple restaurant named AA 咖啡室, they served local food with reasonable price.

Below are the photos we'd taken while walking & finding our place for our first meal.

We passed by Rio Casino Hotel

Front view of  AA 咖啡室

The location is in between Rio Casino Hotel & Waldo Hotel (where we stayed).

The 2016 Macau first food that I tried is thin wanton noodle with fish cake. Although the amount is small, but i did enjoyed their food.

After we had our lunch, we straight away check-in our hotel and prepared for our journey to Ruins of St. Paul, our main travel objective.

Believe it or not, somehow we walked our way from Waldo Hotel to Ruins of St. Paul. While we're walking, we enjoyed our city view of Macau, below are some photos we taken while we walked towards Ruins of St. Paul.

St. Francisco Barracks at Calçada dos Quartéis

大利来记 pork bun shop, we didn't try.

Cafe e Nata Margaret's, where the Portuguese Tart was invented (as informed by my friend). The first shop who sells and doesn't have branches. The queue was so long, and doesn't moved at all. It's too bad that we did not try, hopefully we can try it on our next trip.

You can simply google the location of the shop, below shows the maps of it's location

You can also tried another shop, which i've been told to be Original too (came out from this shop and open a 2nd shop), 安德魯餅店 at Coloane Village. (I didn't try it)

we continued our journey, and reached Senado Square, it's a place where you can shop, dine and visit.

A very iconic Haagen-Dazs ice-cream shop, where you can use it as a place to meet-up if you're lost & separated from your travel group.

The CNY decoration is still here.

Me & my friends taking we-fies

Front view of St. Dominic's Church, we are able to go in and have a visit

Later, we continued our journey, to Rue De S. Paulo (or Rua de São Paulo in Google map), streets full of shops & people.

Behind Ruins of St. Paul, there's a museum where you have have a little history of it (we didn't visit, kinda not into long story), & a Na Tcha Temple.

A walk lane behind the temple, a residential area.

After this, we head towards Monte Fort, which is just a walking distance from Ruins of St. Paul (Google map it), in order to reach Monte Fort, we had to walk ourself to the hill.

At the peak of the hill, there's Macau Museum. We didn't enter the museum, we walked around the museum to have a view of Macau.

After we have our rest at Monte Fort, we walked down and have some street food.

Imitation shark fin soup (碗仔翅)

Che Cai Mian (車仔麵)

Pork Bun

After we feast ourself, we walk back to our hotel and have some rest.

At 6.30pm, we start our first night activity by walking around the street that we had our lunch earlier, we noticed there are some Portuguese Restaurant nearby and plans to try some Macau Portuguese Food. We went to Wai Kei Restaurant. Inside is cozy, and the lazy boss are friendly. Their Portuguese Style cook somehow have curry spices adding with olive taste. This is the first time I'd tried. We are quite satisfied with the dishes. (location is nearby AA 咖啡室)

After our dinner, we went to Macau Tower by Taxi to have a view. I did not join my friends, going up to the tower, as I was afraid of discomfort of the building swaying due to wind (maybe?) So i just walked around outside and feel the cold wind.

Later on, we take a bus to Grand Lisboa and take some night lights photos.

Day 2 - 28 February 2016

We had our breakfast at AA 咖啡室. this time we ordered more things to try. They also have fried noodle and also chee cheong fun for breakfast.

After our breakfast, we straight back to our hotel and checked out, then we headed to The Venetian Macao, famous with their indoor decoration.

When the time passed 1.00pm, we start our journey to Hong Kong. From The Venetian Macao, there have some free shuttle bus to airport and ferry stations. We went to Taipa ferry station, brought ticket and wait for ferry to HK.

= End =

There're some places which I did not visit, which I think is good to have a visit, below are the list of places (you can google map it and have to look):

A-Ma Temple, the temple where Macau has it's name.

Macau Fisherman's Whaft, where they have some interesting buildings like coliseum, a great place to take photos.

Guia Lighthouse. Folks said this lighthouse has been construct on the highest hill in Macau.