Saturday, March 20, 2010

China Trip - Day 4


After a nice sleep in the "Tao Yuan" hotel, me and my friends wake up and plans to eat the wanton noodle in "Mei Zhi Jie" again. But this time, we found out that there're many people, including my boss and his family were there. They came because yesterday we were in the bus yesterday, talking about the wanton noodle that we ate yesterday.

Today's wanton noodle isn't much delicious compare to the wanton noodle that I ate yesterday, because we ate at another stall, which I called the stall number 3. Yesterday we ate at stall number 2. We didn't try for the stall number 1, because we can't figure what they're selling. After we finished our breakfast, I walked around the hotel, this time I walked even further, I walked to the back streets of the hotel, I found a restaurant which selling porridge. I told my friend, Chong, if yesterday I went to the back streets, we may ate our breakfast at the porridge restaurant.

On 8.40am, we start our journey to Fu Zhou. On the journey, we stop by to my boss friend, which we met yesterday in the village. He's Uncle Tan, he's a Mandarin Orange distributor to our country, Malaysia. We went to his storage house (we're still in Yong Chun), and at the same time, there's fireworks at the opposite village from where we're standing on that moment. The fireworks aren't obvious, because it's daytime.

Picture 4.1 - The front view of the storage house.

Picture 4.2 - Me and Uncle Tan's daughter, Xia Lan

Picture 4.3 - A bunch of Mandarin Orange

On 9.40am we continued our journey, on 1.20pm we finally reach to Fu Zhou. We stop by to a restaurant for lunch. I don't know what's the name of the restaurant, but picture 4.4 will show the front view of the restaurant. The food of this restaurant is delicious, I can say that on this four days of travelling, this is the restaurant where we had our most delicious food. There're two dishes that I loved it very much, first is the cabbage fried with dried chilli which totally suit my taste, and second is the boiled chicken soup in clay pot. Besides that, we also had a bowl of soup which filled with many types of mushrooms, and it tastes almost like Campbell Soup.

Picture 4.4 - Front view of the restaurant.

On 2.35pm, we finished our lunch start heading to Gu Shan. It tooks about 50 minutes to reach there. Gu Shan is a hill which had the height of 1.8km from the sea level. At the top of the hill, we can view the scenery of the Fu Zhou. Because it's so high, we plan to use cable car to reach to the top. Because we had a compact schedule, we just reach to the top and walk around. Before we start going back, we went to a stall to fill our stomach. I ordered a bowl of noodles with peanuts gravy and a bowl of Fu Zhou fish balls, these dishes are the local favourite.

Picture 4.5 - Me in front of the Gu Shan entrance.

Picture 4.6 - Entrance of the cable car to the top of Gu Shan.

Picture 4.7 - The walkway around the Gu Shan.

Picture 4.8 - The back view of my seat while we're going up.

Picture 4.9 - (Wow) A long way to go.

Picture 4.10 - The end of the cable car, total got 24 columns.

Picture 4.11 - The view of Fu Zhou 1.

Picture 4.12 - The view of Fu Zhou 2.

Picture 4.13 - This is where I took picture 4.11 and 4.12.

Picture 4.14 - Me in Gu Shan.

Picture 4.15 - The noodles with peanuts gravy.

On 5.30pm, we start heading to a hotel called Fu Zhou Hotel for rest. So once we reach to hotel, we took our bath, hanging around, snap some photos and chat with our boss. On 8.00pm we start heading to "Jian Ping Gong Yuan". Before we reach to "Jian Ping Gong Yuan", we went to a place where we can see many decorations (I couldn't recall that is the name of the place, but I knew there's Mao Zhe Tong's statue opposite the place). As we walked to the destination, I found out that there's some speciality on Fu Zhou, there're many pedestrian cross on the road, especially on the cross roads, and their traffic light are quite special, three colours (red, yellow and green) shown in a same box.

Picture 4.16 - The Fu Zhou Hotel.

Picture 4.17 - A special pedestrian cross with special traffic light.

Picture 4.18 - A statue in front of the building.

Picture 4.19 - Statue of Mao Zhe Tong.

Picture 4.20 - The "Jian Ping Gong Yuan"

After we walked around "Jian Ping Gong Yuan", we plan to take our dinner at a restaurant called "Lao Fu Zhou" which located on other place. While we're waiting for a taxi, there's a fireworks activity occur in front of us, I also managed to record a video how and what did we saw on that moment.

Video 4.1 - What had we enjoyed while we waiting for a taxi.

Picture 4.21 - Restaurant Lao Fu Zhou.

On restaurant Lao Fu Zhou, we ordered many things, like Fu Zhou fishballs, Mala Toufu, noodle soup and fried noodle. The food looks pretty, but many of us said the food is in "ok" condition, means that those food aren't delicious enough to entertain us. So, at 11.00pm, me, my boss, ZY, Ah Chong and Johnson (one of my boss stuff, but different company) went for supper (BBQ) and have some beer (Sorry, no photos taken). The best part that I felt during the supper is, my boss really looks like our friend rather than our boss, he actually loves to talk many about his experience to us and loves to joke around (really not like what I saw during work). During our supper, we ordered many beers, we drank many but no one was drunk, even me. During the supper, I found out that our beer in Malaysia, the taste are much stronger compare to the beer which we took on China. China beer feels like water plus a little bit of malt taste. I don't know why, I never drank so many beer in my whole life without getting drunk.

On 12.20am, we start heading back to hotel and have some sleep.

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