Sunday, March 7, 2010

China Trip - Day 3


After a good night sleep in the hotel, I woke up 7.00am in the morning, but still my co-workers and my friend still haven't wake up. So I decided to go outside of the hotel and walk around the place.

Picture 3.1 - The front view of the hotel.

Picture 3.2 - Front view of "Mei Shi Jie"

Picture 3.3 - The food stalls at the side of the Mei Shi Jie

Mei Shi Jie is a streets which we can find lots of foods. Because we went to China in the Chinese New Year festive seasons, there're not much stall open for business. As I walk though the street, there's only 2 stalls are open, all of them are selling noodles.

As I walk to another streets, I found out that there're many motorcycle-taxi around that area. Feeling kinda weird, this was the first time I saw motorcycle can be used as a taxi. As I was showing my curiosity eyes on them, they came approach me, and ask me whether I need their service or not, it was quite scary as many of them (2 to 3 persons) can approach at the same time. I just quick walk back to the hotel with my hands shaking (showing that I don't want their service).

On 8.30am, me, zy and Ah Chong went down and walk around the streets again. This time I take them to the Mei Shi Jie for breakfast, we went to a stall which cooks wanton noodle. The price are cheap, RMB 3, 4 or 5 (Convert to Malaysia currency which is about RM 1.50, 2.00 and 2.50). Besides wanton noodle, we also ordered a bowl of dumpling soup.

Picture 3.4 - The stall which we went for wanton noodle.

Picture 3.5 - The wanton noodle.

To me in China, the noodles are really delicious and special, compare to the noodles in Malaysia. In China, the wanton noodles are totally different, they're mainly in soup base and they doesn't have noodles with black caramel sauce. Besides that their noodle are fully man made, not like ours in Malaysia are machine made.

On 8.50am, we start moving from the hotel to my boss's ancestors village, which also located at Yong Chun. It almost take about an hour to reach to the village. The village is located at the hill, when we reach there, it's very cold (Higher elevation tend to have colder temperature, for example, KL and Genting Highlands). When I step down from the vehicle, I can feel like I'm a total different place, a very peaceful place that I never been before, a place with no traffic jams, non-polluted air and no congested areas.

Picture 3.6 - A simple view of the village.

Video 3.1 - A view around the village.

After we took some pictures around the village, my boss invite us to a small house, where all the ancestors plate are placed. Inside the house, they start their ritual, I don't know what kind of ritual, but I think it's a ritual that used to pray to their ancestors. Beside the on-going ritual, many people are also taking breakfast at the same time. At that moment, my stomach is still full, but the dishes looks delicious, so without hesitation, I eat them all.

Picture 3.7 - The food in front of me.

My stomach was totally full, I can't eat any more, so I have some rest. But once I stand up and start going from that house, some aunty told me, there will having lunch soon, which in an hour. At that time, I really wish that I didn't take so much of food. As soon I walked out from the house, me and my friend ZY walked around the village and snap some photos again.

Picture 3.8 - Me in the village.

Picture 3.9 - A Mandarin Orange Tree.

Picture 3.10 - A view which taken from higher spot, which shows the building around the village.

After an hour, I backed to the house for lunch (another meal again = =, haih....). I seated on the chair and waited for the food to come. After the first dish, Chong came with two cups of white wine, and asked me and ZY to drink. At the moment my stomach really not that feeling well, overload and started got some feeling like want to vomit. There're total 18 dishes as been told by the folks around the village, and all the villagers are going to have lunch together. In those 18 dishes, one of them are O-mee-sua. Finally my favourite food arrive, but sadly my stomach are full. Since I can't take any food any more, I went out and walk around the village again, but this time, I walked further from my boss, because I was scared to let him called back and go drink that white wine.

Picture 3.11 - The Delicious O-mee-sua (But it has dried up).

Picture 3.12 - The cook which cooks our lunch.

Picture 3.13 - This is how they prepare the dishes in front of the house.

Picture 3.14 - The only "red leaf" tree that I found in the village.

Picture 3.15 - One of the view around the village.

Picture 3.16 - The paddy field in the village.

Picture 3.17 - Me in the village.

Picture 3.18 - A side view of the paddy field.

From 1.40pm till 4.00pm I at outside walking around the village, sat on roadside with my cold hands in my pocket, enjoy the view with some fresh air, finally I step back into the house for some rest. I found a place where I can finally to have some nap, then after an hour, suddenly someone pull me and wake me up, is was my boss, in his drunk form. He pulled me to sit beside him, and asked me to drink with him, luckily I was lucky to ran away when my boss was talking with the villagers.

At 6.00pm, we start to have our dinner, even I'm still full. After dinner, we had our very own fireworks session. The fireworks are really wonderful, they just release it in front of the house, just a few meters away from me, on that time, I video some of the fireworks activity, right below the fireworks. On 7.45pm, we start heading back to our hotel and have some rest.

Video 3.2 - One of the fireworks that I enjoyed during that night.

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