Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finally, my very own travel blog!!!

Well.... it's been a while that i had stop blogging my stuff in the internet. Now suddenly feel like want to create my very own blog again. This this i won't be like the blog that i used to post, all only personal matters, personal stuff. This time i would like to post something about my travelling life, in the future. In this blog i will post some interesting pictures that i will take in my future travel, whether is in Malaysia, or in other countries. I hope that my blog will be useful to all of you, especially to my friends.

In my past like, i didn't manage to travel often, i had to budget on my expenses during my university's life. But now, i had my own job, my own salary :) my wish may come true. So in this coming Chinese New Year, the year of Tiger i will go to China, hope that it will be an interesting trip with my colleague.

Well this is the end of my introduction. Lastly in Malay terms, hope i won't "hangat hangat tahi ayam" xS

KH Chan
04 Feb 2010

1 comment:

  1. Wah... so nice...
    Congratulation that your dream come true or your dream just started!!!

    I also want to travel.. When are you going to organize one for us (primary classmate) :P