Sunday, February 21, 2010

China Trip - Day 1

My first day begins when I reach to one of my friend's house, Ah Choong, to go to Kuala Lumpur International Airport a.k.a KLIA. When we reach to KLIA, we checked in our luggage. Our plane start to departed at 0940, to Guang Zhou, China. The duration for the flight from KLIA to the Bai Yun International Airport is about 4 hours.

Picture 1.1 - Me in front of the China Immigration Inspection

Once we're done, we went outside of the airport to wait for our bus to come. When we're at outside of the airport, the weather is really cold, which is about 10 degree celcius. Then me and my friend, ZY done something which we never do before in Malaysia; "the dragon breath". It's totally fun to see that my breath release the warm steam alike smoke. Besides that, I was many taxi cars, which with a logo Vox Wagon. In that time, my mind says that "well, China isn't bad at all, most of the taxi drivers are using a branded car to serve their customers, compare to Malaysia". Below shows a taxi in front of the airport.

Picture 1.2 - A Vox Wagon Taxi.

Once the bus reach, we move into the bus and start our journey to Fu Jian. In the journey to Fu Jian, we passed through Guang Dong. While during the journey, I found out that most of the building in Guang Dong are in rectangular shape. Besides that, Guang Dong are famous with the road bridge.

Picture 1.3 - The flyover in Guang Dong.

Picture 1.4 - A snapshot showing a view in Guang Dong.

At 2.30pm, we went to a restaurant for a lunch. The food wasn't bad, nor good in taste too. But during lunch, I drank white wine (in Chinese called Bai Jiu) for the first time.

Picture 1.5 - Me in front of the restaurant

Picture 1.6 - A cup of white wine. Alcohol percentage = 52%

Once after dinner, we straight away start travel to Fu Jian at 5.55pm.

*Guang Zhou = 广州
*Guang Dong = 广
*Fu Jian = 福建

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