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China Trip - Day 7

Day 7 (20 February 2010)

We finally manage to reach "Shen Zhen" one of the hotel called Golden Central Hotel at 5.55am in the morning. It's almost about 13 hours of journey, at the night before these day, we just stop by to a petrol station and have a pack of instant noodle for our dinner. The 13 hours of journey really suffering, the road in China really are bumpy, because the road had rough surface, still the road are made in concrete, instead of premix road (asphalt road in scientific term). Once the bus stop by at the front of the hotel, we pack our things and start moving to our rooms. Later we refresh ourself and have some nap.

On 8.30am, we went to a restaurant called "Jing Huang Ting" just right below the hotel (the hotel is located in a multi-story building, where underground levels and ground floor at shopping complex, a railway station at the bottom most, a luxurious restaurant in between the shopping complex and the hotel, and the hotel located on top). We had our Shanghai style tim sum in the restaurant (I prefer Hong Kong style, because Shanghai style is served according to our order, whereas the Hong Kong style is ready serve, we just pick what we like). Below are some photos that I had taken that morning.

Picture 7.1 - This was what I saw when I woke up in the 8 of morning at the window.

Picture 7.2 - This structure is still under construction, but it's a really magnificent structure.

Picture 7.3 - The restaurant that we took our breakfast: Jing Huang Ting.

Picture 7.4 - The door way into the restaurant. (Very grand is it?)

Picture 7.5 - This is how it's looks like, inside the restaurant. Truly grand...

Picture 7.6 - The lightings inside the restaurant.

Picture 7.7 - Finally! Our food has arrived.

Picture 7.8 - A walkway outside the restaurant.

After our breakfast, me and my friend straight to away to our next destination. On 10.30am, we start going to "Shi Jie Zhi Chuang" (= windows of the world) by train, starting from "Hui Zhan Zhong Xin" station to "Shi Jie Zhi Chuang" station. When we reach to our destination, we just manage to take some photos at outside of the park, because we had limited time. The local on the street said we need to take one day to finish visit the "Shi Jie Zhi Chang". While we walking around the "Shi Jie Zhi Chuang" we found that's something else to visit just right beside the location. There's a place where they had some Italian environment. Besides that we walked further in, we found out that there's a ice skating stadium which is very big (twice of the size of the ice skating field in Sunway Pyramid).

Picture 7.9 - The pay station.

Picture 7.10 - My friend Chong teaching us how to get to Shi Jie Zhi Chuang.

Picture 7.11 - The monorail.

Picture 7.12 and 7.13 - The ticket-like-coin used to be the pass for our journey.

Picture 7.14 - During our journey, inside the train.

Picture 7.15 - The route map, red means the location where we had passed, green means where are we heading to.

Picture 7.16 - Finally, we reach to Shi Jie Zhi Chuang.

Picture 7.17 - Eiffel Tower and me.

Picture 7.18 - Outside of the Windows of the World. (next time I will come back here again and visit it!!)

Picture 7.19 - The entrance is at the left side (there's a staircase going up to the ticket counter).

Picture 7.20 - Don't know who's this China man is this (don't tell me it's me >.<)

Picture 7.21 - The outside view of the Windows of the World. The glass pyramid on the right side of the photo are the monorail terminal (we came out from there).

Picture 7.22 - So much people gather on the streets.

Picture 7.23 - Many type of statues from various countries.

Picture 7.24 - A close up view of the statues.

Picture 7.25 - European-like-structure at the side of the Shi Jie Zhi Chuang.

Picture 7.26 - Me and a glass frame in front of the European buildings.

Picture 7.27 - D' Walk.

Picture 7.28 - A very colourful and modern structure just opposite of the road. I'm amazed by the pattern of the curtain wall.

Picture 7.29 - Well this is the glass frame that I'd took a picture with.

Picture 7.30 - An Artificial Venice?? (5% similar to the original ba...)

Picture 7.31 - Beautiful isn't it? I like this photo....

Picture 7.32 - We are walking further in. We soon will find something interesting there.

Picture 7.33 - AIDS?? Initially I thought it was AIDS, when I walked closer it was written ALPS...

Picture 7.34 - The ice skating stadium, ALPS.

Picture 7.35 - Inside the stadium. Can you see how big it is?

At 11.50am, we start going back to our hotel. We get to refresh ourself and start our self activity. On 12.25pm, I start going to "Lao Jie" alone by train. Actually "Lao Jie" is also known as "Dong Men", which is a place to shop, shop and shop (Girls, you will like it). Well, for me "Lao Jie" is just like a very formal "Petaling Streets" in Malaysia. There, you can find many things in very low price. Not just that, you also can find many latest fashion and shoes at NIKE and ADIDAS stalls. At first, I was scared when I was in this fully stranger place to me. Then when I was walking along, I keep on snap some photos so that I may find the way back to monorail station when I'm lost. Below are some photos that I'd taken when I was walking around.

Picture 7.36 - The entrance to "Lao Jie" monorail station.

Picture 7.37 - First thing that I saw when I was at the exit of the monorail station.

Picture 7.38 - The "Lao Jie".

Picture 7.39 - Wow, really got many people here. Very congested.

Picture 7.40 - Big TV advertisement at the building.

Picture 7.41 and 7.42 - Why is this thing at the centre of the road? I had no idea about it...

Picture 7.43 - A "red" walk way, like red carpet floating in the skies (= =).

Picture 7.44 - A stage, but no performance.

Picture 7.15 - A beautiful Chinese lantern made by lots of flowers.

Picture 7.46 - A big copper bell located between at the shop lots.

Picture 7.47 - A side monkey performance. Those monkey really does some tricks.

At 1.35pm, I went to a noodle restaurant for my lunch (For the whole China trip, I almost everyday ate rice. This time I was so happy that I can choose my favourite, noodles noodles and noodles, lolz). For this time, I ordered myself a beef noodle. When I go into the restaurant, a waiter direct me to a table, which I will share a table with a granny. Then they took a tea pot in front of me, I thought that I need to pay for it. Then I realise that everyone in the restaurant are drinking the same tea, so then I know that every customer in the restaurant are served with free Chinese tea. When I want to order my meal, I asked a waiter to take my order, but he said that I have to order it from the cook at the counter (just like food court). Then straight away I go to the counter with a coupon full of numbers, I ordered a bowl of beef noodle from the cook, the cook said "ok", chop my coupon then he continue his work. I was curious, will he wrote down my order, or give me something showing that I had order my food. I asked him again, about my order, he angrily told me to go back to my seat. So I just do what he said, then I was wondering should I pay first for my meal. So I paid for it and goes back to my seat. When the granny that seat in front of me saw my bill but without my meal, she curiously asked me. I said I don't know the rules, and she said to me that I should eat first then pay (Haih, silly me. Well, never mind cause' this place is still new to me). Later my bowl of noodles really did came to me, I was amazed by the cook by the way he remembered all his customer's order.

Picture 7.48 - Is is the place where I took my lunch.

Picture 7.49 - The table that I seated, with a simple menu.

Picture 7.50 - My bowl of beef noodle.

On 2.00pm I continue walk around the place. On 2.35pm, something interesting happen to me. It's the first day that the Sun shines above me, finally I felt warm in China, I started to sweat, but then the wind blows, it was still very chilling. At 4.00pm, I start to get bored walking around, so I go back to hotel early than I expected and have some rest.

Picture 7.51 - Two peacocks with it's tail made by colourful flower trees.

Picture 7.52 - A Coke advertisement on a building.

Picture 7.53 - The "Dong Men".

At 5.45pm, after I had a nap on the hotel, I start moving to a restaurant that my boss booked. I called my boss and my boss gave me the address, but the problem is I don't know how to write it down in Chinese, luckily there's someone that help me, but I need to pay, because I loan the telephone from that company. Once I got the address, I straight away goes to a taxi stand just outside of the hotel and start going to the restaurant (How did I tell the driver to my destination? Easy, I just show what is written just now to the driver. If it's written wrongly, then I'm dead meat, luckily I arrive to the right place).

Picture 7.54 - A limousine??? Or it's called very very long "punya" hot dog car? (in front of the hotel)

Picture 7.55 - This is the hotel where I stayed.

Picture 7.56 - The menu with the restaurant name in it.

Picture 7.57 - The counter for the restaurant.

Picture 7.58 - The front view of the restaurant, taken after dinner.

After our dinner, we wonder where we should go. We decided to go "Lao Jie" since my friend ZY haven't go there yet.

Picture 7.59 - A big copper bell located between at the shop lots, Night Version (Picture 7.46 = day light version).

Picture 7.60 - A night full of lightings.

Picture 7.61 - Me and the flower lantern.

Picture 7.62 - White horse.

Picture 7.63 - Streets in the night.

Picture 7.64 - Another night view.

At around 11.00pm, we start heading back to our hotel and have some nice sleep. Well for the whole trip at the "Lao Jie", I didn't manage to buy much things. I just brought a sets of don't-know-what cartoon's character, a calender, a sets of UNO cards, mouse pads and some souvenirs. For me "Lao Jie" has many things that we also can find in Malaysia, but it's really much little cheaper then our price here. So if there's someone who are shoppers, you can go there and have your shopping spree. Well, this night is the last night that I had in this China trip. The next day is my day back to Malaysia, during that day I miss so much about the temperature in Malaysia, China during that time is really cold. But after a week I back to Malaysia, I complain a lots about the temperature, it really damn hot, still it cause my body very painful, like there's many needle poking my skin. My friend said it's because of my skin's pores are enlarging back to normal.

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