Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Adventures Begins, again. ^^,

It's been a while, I updated my blog (There're so many dust, *cough* *cough* need to clean it right away). Well this time, I'm going to Taiwan soon. I don't know what specialities that I need to take note on. So I just let myself to assume that this is a surprise travel, wherever they go, I'll go too. But one thing, I'm very sure, Taiwan are famous with snacks (Says who? Mr. Chong lo - my manager).

But sadly, recently I've been lack of money. Mostly I will just bring RM500 for my treats and souvenirs (Is RM500 enough? I'm scared.... Luckily this trip was sponsored).

Well, I heard that in Taiwan right now are in summer, hopefully I won't get fainted by this such high temperature.

Well, I'm going back to Malaysia on Hari Raya Festival. Hopefully, I will post all the happenings on my travel and share it to you all. =)

To those my friends who will be travelling this month, happy travelling. And most important, remember to buy souvenir for me ;-)